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Command Reference: tensorboard

cml tensorboard connect [options]

Return a link to a page.


Any generic option in addition to:

  • -c=<file>, --credentials=<file>: TensorBoard JSON credentials (usually found at ~/.config/tensorboard/credentials/uploader-creds.json) [default: inferred from environment CML_TENSORBOARD_CREDENTIALS].
  • --logdir=<path>: Directory containing the logs to process.
  • --name=<...>: TensorBoard experiment title (up to 100 characters).
  • --description=<...>: TensorBoard experiment description (Markdown format, up to 600 characters).
  • --md: Produce output in Markdown format ([title](url)).
  • -t=<...>, --title=<...>: Title for Markdown output [default: value of --name].


$ cml tensorboard connect --logdir=./logs --title=Training --md >>


To generate new Tensorboard credentials, run tensorboard dev upload locally and set the CML_TENSORBOARD_CREDENTIALS environment variable to the contents of ~/.config/tensorboard/credentials/uploader-creds.json


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